"Julie at Soul Gallery has been responsible for placing and hanging all of our art work. The care and sensitivity to both our own interests but more important to design and beauty created an environment which, for us, has given great joy. The way Julie placed individual works has increased our enjoyment not only of each work but also the vista of them all. We are very grateful for Julie's expertise and hands-on consultation.

We also used Julie's expertise at Beautiful Spaces, which included making use of our present furniture, acquiring new furniture, and doing a kitchen renovation.

Julie first talked with us about our individual interests, and what each work of art meant to us. It was important for us to realize, through Julie's discussion with us, what was common and what was different in our tastes. She developed an overall plan for placement, and consulted with us throughout. She recommended furniture designs, picture frame designs, and even organizing techniques, to enhance our enjoyment of our entire condo as well. She worked with other trades to make certain that everything fit together.

The end result was the creation of a wonderful environment for us. Without Julie we would not have what we have now. We are very grateful for her."


Lawrie and Bea Cherniack


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