Philip Brake

The Artist

Phil Brake is a Manitoba artist who has mastered the highly involved art of painting on silk with dye. He is known to paint big, bold, beautiful compositions reflecting his love of nature.

Brake attributes growing up in California near the Sierra Nevadas to a lifelong love of clear mountain streams, and forests resplendent with wildflowers.
His paintings are taken from his journey in life and his travels around the globe. Whether the vibrant compositions of native flowers in backyard gardens, to soft summer mornings on a Manitoba lake or tropical Andes stream; to capturing the charm of a streetscape or poppy field in Tuscany, Brake’s subject matter and compositions are diverse and captivating for their intricate detail, and the inherent vibrancy of the artwork that shines through this ancient medium.

Before retiring to a life of painting, travel and leisure, Brake spent 29 years as high school art instructor. His paintings are represented in private, corporate and government collections in Canada, the US, UK, Africa and S. America.

Brake continues to live and paint from his studio in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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