Bibiana Vidal Curell

The Artist

Having obtained a Degree in Sociology, Bibiana Vidal Curell worked in social services as a catholic nun for many years in Argentina, her home country... until she realized that she was holding on to a life that really was not for her.

While searching for her true identity, she traveled to Russia. The art she saw moved her in a deeply profound way - expanding her vision and giving her a new sense of freedom. In that moment, Bibiana Vidal Curell decided to become a full-time artist and began painting professionally in 1999.

With a vibrant and colourful palette, Bibiana crafts landscapes of endless skies - animals immersed in their natural surrounding - and vibrantly alive still lifes that she treats as if they were friends’ portraits.

Her studio in Manitoba – her home since 2006 – is a world within the world - each blank canvas a new adventure. What she dreams of is to see the unseen - to capture the light and spiritual vibrations that seem to emerge sometimes from simple objects or daily scenes and to give a sense of beauty and energetic harmony to others.

Vidal Curell’s paintings, primarily oil on canvas, have a raw energy, a sense of calmness and an intimate and spontaneous character that brings to mind any number of the masters she reveres. She characterizes her own style as expressive impressionism.

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