Ann-Marie Brown

The Artist

Artist Bio- After completing studies in Europe and a Cultural Studies degree
at Trent University, Ann-Marie Brown began an artistic practice which led
her to encaustic & oil painting. She's continued to develop her skill in this
notoriously difficult medium through a dedicated studio practice and
residencies, most recently an extended residency at the Artsu Studio in
Helsinki Finland.

Ann-Marie's oil and encaustic paintings have been exhibited across
Canada & the United States, and been placed in private, public and
corporate collections. Individual works have been reproduced for literary
journals including Crannog, The Antigonish Review, Qwerty, and Existere,
and in films, most notably Dark Arc "A tale about love,lust,art, and the
power of the charged image". She was one of the featured artists in
Encaustic Works 2012 curated by Joanne Mattera, author of the seminal
book The Art of Encaustic Painting: Contemporary, & is slated to be
profiled in the December 2021 issue of Encaustic Arts Magazine produced
by the Museum of Encaustic Arts.

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