Eberhard Renner

The Artist

When I paint I do not have in mind a product, even less so to visually capture what surrounds me by creating a three dimensional illusion of the world on a flat surface.

When I paint, colours and lines guide me on a journey. I have no idea where they will take me, or when they will stop and for how long. While I know that we will eventually move on, the challenge is to choose the right moment for switching to a new paper or canvas. Sometimes it feels like I succeed, sometimes I definitely don't.

If all goes well, I travel along observing how lines and colours build relationships and form shapes, sometimes resulting in harmony, sometimes in dissonance, sometimes pleasing my eye, sometimes pushing me back.

If I do not like how it goes, I ask my guides to take me on another ride, scratching away and over-painting, often combining media that are not readily compatible like acrylics and oil pastels, and moving fast before the acrylics have fully dried.

Doing so, I explore the effects generated by superimposing and partially scratching away layers. Hiding or exposing some areas fully, some only opaquely, together with the interplay of various media creates new visual impressions. It is this process that fascinates me and keeps me going.