Shawn Mahoney

The Artist

​I desire to transform stone boulders and blocks into movement and messages. These works are derived from my process of examining the shape the stone offers, sketching out a form, removing as much of the internal mass as possible while still maintaining the outer shape. 

​The end result presents the rock in a light airy form of motion. Each piece is sculpted to enjoy the stone that was originally created long ago, its color, striations, shades and form, inside and out. 

​​​​It is in the sanding and polishing stage that it becomes apparent to me what the form represents. Thoughts, set deep in my subconscious, are those which unknowingly influence the process and in the final stages present a message in the form of a stone sculpture. 

Each piece is named and that name comes from the message revealed. Of course, as these are only my impressions and the pieces are abstract in nature, you may be inspired to see something completely different. 

Enjoy the art, enjoy the journey.