Keith Wood

The Artist

1944 - 2018

Keith Wood was born in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia and spent his early years in Dartmouth and Halifax. He started drawing in early childhood when illness often prevented him from going to school and a pencil and paper became his refuge. He was a graduate of The Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, where he was the recipient of the Donald C. McKay Award and subsequently a sessional instructor. He also studied Design Management at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.

After exploring the width, breadth and depth of acrylic for more than 30 years, in 2006 Wood started using the “encaustic” medium (pigmented molten wax.). Encaustic is light - a key element of Wood’s work. Working with wax enabled him to achieve textures and sensibilities not possible with oil or acrylic paint. Wood worked in the abstract genre. His non- representational images evoke space and light, rhythm and depth. Every painting has an intent which one must sense then act on. Just as a jazz musician dialogues with his instrument, Wood’s art involved an intense dialogue throughout the creative process.


Keith Wood "Fragmented Probabilities" from tyler funk on Vimeo.

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