Jane Harington

The Artist

My work explores the emotional and gravitational pull of place, from the distant horizon, the scratch and tangle of shrub and grass, the lush and fleeting beauty of a mass of blooms. I explore the connections between us and the places that sustain us – those that we know, love or long for.

I immerse myself in the subject, creating the image and assimilating the jumbled scraps and tags of memory – the spaces, smells, sounds and colours of my life – I mark and layer the canvas, capturing the force, energy and beauty of all that surrounds me.

Painting is deeply meditative for me. I paint quickly, with rapid brushstrokes, making marks  that lead me into the work. Often, I reach a dead end but there’s always another mark, another way to bring me back to the surface, to the beauty, to the lushness, to the mystery.

The possibilities and directions are endless but as the conversation swells and soars each painting becomes its own song. I endeavour to express the personal, the emotive, the poetry that often lies hidden beneath the everyday occurrences of life. I scratch the surface and transfer what is revealed – in all its tumultuous, glorious exuberance – and transform the canvas.