Solo Exhibition by Jane Gateson at MHC Gallery


"Daily Diaries by the Assiniboine River and Lake Winnipeg"

"Daily Diaries by the Assiniboine River and Lake Winnipeg" is the result of a project undertaken for a year. Victoria Beach and Winnipeg are the places I call home and I live 6 months in each place. Most days I paint... and daily I witness life by these two powerful bodies of water. These Manitoba waterways are a gift to be cherished and protected.

The " diaries" project was to visually record, each time I was in my studio, what I saw, felt and heard around me that day. The result is over 1,300 small, labelled "diaries", each painting 6"x7".

At the end of the year, it was compelling to remember the days, visually. Snowstorms, nest building, fall leaves, spring
bluebells, white hares, the fox, the bear, and the otter all made an entry into the diary, with many, many other “snapshots” of life by the water.   - Jane Gateson

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