Bette Woodland

The Artist


A Solo Exhibition by Bette Woodland

September 15 - October 1, 2022


Artist Statement

These paintings are transcriptions of the emotion I feel in the

presence of natural beauty. Always it is light that renders objects

beautiful, whether the veiled light of smoke or the vibrancy of

sunlight. For me there is a long term promise inherent in Nature's

beauty. In that sense, it provides solace.


Artist Bio

 Bette Woodland is an established artist based in Winnipeg Canada. Born in Southern Ontario, she studied at the School of Art, University of Manitoba, graduating with a BFA (Honours) degree with a gold medal in painting.

Woodland lives and work in Winnipeg. Her paintings consist primarily of oil on board or canvas, but has an ongoing and lively interest in printmaking, monotypes in particular. Her work is found in private and public collections throughout Canada.

Her paintings are an exploration of the transformative properties of light and how light articulates the particular beauty of the familiar. A host of indefinable elements, encompassing, time, place, light and atmosphere, allow her to express what she calls a “moment of grace”. This process addresses Woodland’s deeply felt experience of the prairies, creating an intimate connection to the landscape . Like Bonnard, an artist for whom she has a particular admiration, Woodland attempts to imbue the ordinary with something like the radiance of the eternal.

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