"Points On A Curve" - A Retrospective by Inga Torfadóttir



“This exhibition is a comprehensive retrospective of my work as a visual artist over the last 30 years. Born and educated in Fine Arts in Reykjavik, my earlier artistic passions embraced the sagas of Iceland and Scandinavia. These stories spoke of my ancestors who venerated trees and waterfalls and believed spirits could take on the likeness of man or beast, creating the unforgettable literature of the Sagas. These epic accounts of feuds and battles of love and hate inspired me. Through the medium of printmaking and linocuts, I depict figures with angular mask-like faces, sad-eyed women, and men clutching spears and shields, both mysterious and intriguing to view.  

A selection of the monoprint series offers a diverse body of abstracts. The bold colourful vertical works and small playful compositions are pure studies of form and line relating to each other, presenting a different insight into the poetic world of my visual experience.

The acrylic series on paper is intended to be visual poems often containing a scripted text added to the layers of colour and markings. The palette is limited and muted to emphasize the image's mystique."

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