Marie-Doris Valois

The Artist

Marie-Doris Valois has been painting and showing her work since 1992. Trained in an intuitive approach to drawing and painting, for several years now she has been fascinated by the techniques of the great masters at the fine arts school MISSION RENAISSANCE in Montreal. These techniques have helped her to enrich her own artistic language. She has also studied color and painting with artist Francine Labelle in Montreal. Previously, she created a line of ready-to-wear women’s clothing and bed linens, all hand-painted. For 17 years she exhibited her creations at salons in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa and Toronto.

Her passion for artistic creation, her dynamism and her highly-developed organizational sense served her well in the establishment of a school: L'ÉCOLE D’ÉTÉ, arts et métiers d’art de Mont-Laurier in 1998. She worked for seven years in this unique setting combining creation and exploration. She traveled across Canada to find new inspirations. She worked and exhibited landscapes around Vancouver for two 6-month periods.

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