Wendy Morosoff Smith

Artist Statement

In my work I explore the tension between abstract and landscape tradition. Blending abstraction and landscape symbolism with the study of light and space, my pieces are meditations on place, time, the elements, memory and perception.

The horizon line has always been of great interest to me. This fascination is likely the result of growing up on the prairies where the horizon forms a dramatic point of reference. The horizon is the place where the land kisses the sky, the meeting of the heavens and the earth, the threshold of the physical and the spiritual. It has also become for me, a metaphor for time. Like the future, the horizon is always just ahead and beyond, an illusion really, and never attainable, for as we approach it, it moves forward and pulls us along with it. It is this mystery, this invisible force, that I strive to express in my art.

My images explore the importance of place to the formation of memories. As time distills our experience of place we are left with the memory of the essence of the place. These memories: the shimmer of light on water, the feel of the pebbled sand beneath your feet, the verdant green of the forest, are the marks and traces left us of the physical experience. By abstracting an image, especially one that is landscape-based, I allow the viewer to ponder and interpret the imagery according to their own life experiences. In this way, I use nature as a catalyst to beckon the inner reaches of the mind to recall sensations and personal experiences to provide a meditative expanse on which to contemplate the bond between man and nature.

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