Marlene Roy

Artist Statement

I paint landscapes of the Boreal Shield in Northwestern Ontario near the Manitoba border. This fascinating and dramatic place offers endless possibilities for paintings. The landscape is rugged filled with immense trees, unexpected rock outcroppings and numerous lakes. It is dark and mysterious with shafts of sunlight breaking through the tree canopy. My paintings capture the feeling of someone travelling through the forest. They are close and personal and draw the viewer into the landscape as a participant rather than as a distant observer.

I’m particularly drawn to the mysterious openings in the tree canopy or the vegetation on the forest floor and invite the viewer to explore the possibilities of what is beyond with me. In addition, I like to capture those unexpected and often surprising moments when sunlight suddenly appears through the trees or when the traveller encounters a rock outcropping or lake.

My style is loose with organic shapes that move as though they are dancing to music. I interpret the landscape rather than replicate it. I like to layer colours, shapes and lines to evoke the feeling of being in the forest.

Currently I’m painting acrylics on canvas and watercolours and charcoal on watercolour paper or canvas.

I have been painting intermittently for over 35 years and started painting full-time and established my art business, Life-az-iz Studio, a few years ago.

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