Jane Gateson


Victoria Beach and Winnipeg are the places I call home, each for 6 months of the year. I have studios in both locations, one on the Assiniboine River and one by Lake Winnipeg.

The powerful water, calm and turbulent, freezing and melting, is a great teacher about the seasons of life, death and renewal. Animals, insects, birds and trees have things to say, alive on this earth as we are, but in their own world, mysterious and intriguing.

Archetypal images and abstraction intrigue me as pathways  to  deeper understandings that are universal to us all.

Buildings, for me, have become metaphors for people. City or prairie, barns or houses….each has an outer structure that all the world can see and an inner story that might be entirely different!

My art is large and small, and eclectic, as is the media I use….oil & cold wax, acrylics, resists & collage done on paper, canvas, or wood panels.

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