Bibiana Vidal Curell

Artist Statement

My paintings seek to express that intimately perceptible life force that draws me in, whether I find it in the miracle of nature, or, simply, in everyday objects.   I seek to express the strength hidden in the changing, complex and apparently fragile reality.  I strive to have my art convey that sense of beauty and energetic harmony that I experience, to the viewer.

The focus of my work is not just to represent the subject but rather to express the spiritual energy that emanates from each.  This I pursue through the effect of light on the subject. Colour creates light. Playing with an infinite choreography of colour is what brings the painting to life.

Painting is, for me, the search for inner truth in nature or objects and, in so doing, it becomes a search for self. That search for my true identity eventually led me to Russia where the art I experienced moved me deeply, expanding my vision and gifting me with a new sense of freedom.

I choose to depict my sceneries through expressive impressionism, thus allowing the use of loose brushstrokes that suggest the shapes rather than literally describing them.  The marriage of this with a kaleidoscope of light and colour forms the foundation of my work.

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